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Glass Lined Steel Tanks In Philippines

Glass Lined Steel Tanks

Glass-Lined Steel Tanks, or GLS tanks, are storage vessels characterized by a steel shell coated with a layer of glass enamel on the interior. This glass lining serves a dual purpose—enhancing the tank’s structural durability through the steel component while providing robust corrosion resistance against various stored materials.

GLS tanks find widespread application in industries such as water treatment, wastewater management, and chemical processing due to their versatility, temperature resilience, and hygienic properties.

The smooth and non-porous surface of the glass ensures easy maintenance and makes these tanks suitable for applications where corrosion and hygiene are critical factors, such as in potable water storage or the food and beverage industry.

Features Of Glass Lined Steel Tanks

  • Glass-Lined Steel Tanks provide corrosion resistance through a glass enamel coating.
  • The tanks ensure structural integrity by combining steel strength with a glass lining.
  • The tanks require low maintenance due to the easy-to-clean properties of the glass surface.
  • Versatile in use, Glass-Lined Steel Tanks find applications across diverse industrial sectors.
  • They exhibit temperature resilience, capable of storing liquids across a broad temperature range

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