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What Is Zinc Aluminum Steel Water Tanks

 Zinc-Aluminum Steel tank, also known as a ZA steel tank, is a type of water storage tank or reservoir that is constructed using a specific type of steel coated with a zinc-aluminum alloy. This coating provides enhanced corrosion resistance and durability, making it suitable for various applications, particularly for the storage of water and other liquids.

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Tanks Application

 Food, Beverage, Pharma, Automobile, Engineering, Textile, Electronics, OEM’s etc… All the industries need a constant supply of water for different applications like Fire, Process, Domestic, Drinking, DM Water and Many more applications.

It is unthinkable that we can get along today without a constant supply of water in our daily lives. We do not only need water only for human survival but also for Agriculture & Commercial use.

Customized, Tough Construction, Fine Finish, Durable, Reliable Water Storage For: Fire Fighting, Raw Water Storage, Process Water, Domestic Water, Potable & Rainwater Applications.

Zincalume Bolted Tanks are manufactured from steel sheet which has been continuously coated with zinc and aluminum to provide the excellent corrosion resistance which is commonly experienced by tanks that are exposed to the harshest of atmospheric conditions. Aluminum in the coating provides barrier protection to the steel whilst the zinc component provides sacrificial cut edge protection.

Standard of construction for fire fighting tanks – Positive head or suction lift wherever possible, horizontal centrifugal pumps shall be used, installed
with a positive suction head in accordance with the following:
At least two thirds of the effective capacity of the suction tank shall be above the level of the pump center line
The pump center line shall be no more than 2m above the low water level of the suction tank

The treatment of wastewater is essential prior to re injection into the water grid or before water is re-used in processing works. With ever-increasing water costs tied with limited availability and increasingly stringent legislation on contamination, globally, this as an area of key interest to clients in the following sectors: MUNICIPAL WATER TREATMENT, MINING, FOOD & BEVERAGE, PHARMA, PULP AND PAPER, ANIMAL PROCESSING, MANUFACTURING , AUTOMOBILE AND ANCILLARIES


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